Why use CVAC?


In a CVAC session, varied changes in air pressure require the body to respond to increased demand by adapting, thus accelerating and improving fitness.

Why would you try a CVAC pod session?
•You know the value of exercise but your body isn’t able
•You exercise but some things aren’t changing
•You are a competitive athlete and want that edge
•Your doctor/therapist said it would support your cellular heath
•Your friends told you about their improved wellness.
•You don’t wish to risk injury

CVAC Pod Use May Help to:
•Improved stamina
•Accelerated weight loss
•Increased feeling of alertness and mental acuity (cognitive fitness)
•Reduced inflammation and swelling
•Improved recovery after exertion
•Lactic Acid drainage (helps with pain reduction)
•Enhanced athletic performance
•Improved hormonal balance
•Improved sleep (deeper, more restful sleep; decreased wake-ups)
•Increased power and strength